Louisiana State Animal Response Team

Lafayette, LA 70506



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MP and puppy

MP and other military units helped animal rescue

Evacuee and Volunteer

many evacuees volunteered in the animal rescue effort

Evacuee and IFAW

individuals and animal welfare associations all pitched in

cat ward at Parker

large shelters for evacuated animals required organization

Volunteer veterinary team

veterinarians and veterinary technicians from around the country came to help

A Parker shelter team

people from all walks of life ran evacuation shelters around the state

triage at Parker

many shelters established field hospitals to care for their charges

in-take at Parker

large shelters established in-take protocols

arena at Parker Coliseum

LSU Ag Center allowed the use of their ag exhibit facility as a large evacuation shelter

New Orleans home

post evacuation, rescue organizations searched homes for people and pets

dog detoxification


American Humane

American Humane