Louisiana State Animal Response Team

Lafayette, LA 70506




File NameDescription / Comment
10-29-2009 Press release for evacuation
Act 615PDF file
Act 61504/21/2009
Animal Planning for ParishesPowerPoint
District 1 Emergency Contact # 6/27/06Excel 6/27 version
District 2 Emergency Contact #s 6/27/06Excel
District 3 Emergency Contact #s 6/27/06Excel
District 4 Emergency Contact #s 6/27/06Excel
District 5 Emergency Contact #s 6/27/06Excel
District 6 Emergency Contact #s 6/27Excel
Emergency Planning for Animal Businesses04-21-2009
Equine Boarding Sites
Equine Boarding Sites - Updated 8/30/08 7:00 p.m.Equine Boarding Sites - Updated 8/30/08 7:00 p.m.
Equine Boarding Sites - Updated 9/4/08
Equine Boarding Sites - Updated August 29, 2:00 p.Updated list of facilities capable of sheltering horses.
Equine Boarding Sites - Updated August 29, 3:00 p.Updated list of facilities capable of sheltering
Equine Boarding Sites - Updated August 31, 10:00 aEquine Boarding Sites - Updated August 31, 10:00 am
Equine Boarding Sites Updated 8-28-2008
Equine Evac & Response Plan 9/07 PDF
Equine Getting Prepared Tips
Equine Owner WorksheetDisaster Preparedness Worksheet for owners with contact no.s in Word
FEMA Reimbursement PolicyPDF file
FEMA Reimbursement Policy04/21/2009
Horse Sheltering DetailsWord file with information for self-evacuating horse owners
HSLA Pet Evac KitsPress Release Word
Information for Out of State Volunteers
Lafayette 7-2009 with training location
Lafayette Flyer 07-25-2009
Lafayette Training Site Map
LDAF Call for Animal Evacuation Plans
LDAF Evacuation Plan Filing Form
LEEP update 9/07
Letter to Volunteers 9/4/06Word file; letter mailed to LSART volunteers
LLIS Pet Friendly Shelter Best Practices DocumentPDF
Louisiana Equine Emergency PlannerPDF file
Louisiana ESF 11ESF 11 Document LDAF PDF August 2006
Louisiana Extreme Weather Information '08
LSART Animal Emergency Vehicle Press Release
LSART Getting Prepared PowerpointPDF file
LSART Manual Aug 07The latest PDF version of LSART Manual
LSART Manual March 07PDF
LSART Manual March 2009
LSART Oil Spill Volunteer Form
LSART Parish Planning QuestionaireWord Document that can be downloaded to be filled in.
LSART Parish Questionairedocx file
LSART Parish Questionnaire04/21/2009
LSART Preparing for Pet Care brocure
LSART Preparing Your Practice Brochure
LSART Shelter & Evacuation Manual June, 07Large PDF file
LSART Summit Invitation Letter
LSART Summit Registration FormPDF file with registration form and information
LSART Volunteer Typing Form 6/07pdf file
LSART Volunteers 9/8/06Excel spreadsheet with all volunteers info.
LSPCA Brochure Spanish
LSPCA Brochure VietnamesePDF
LSU SVM Gustav wrap-upPDF
March 2009 Summit Save the DatePDF file ASPCA LSART sponsored
Marion County Pet Friendly ShelterPDF Shelter presentation
Marion County Pet Friendly Shelter SOPWord file with procedural plan for PFS at a school.
Marion County PFS Purchase PlanWord file with PFS purchase plan
Marion County PFS RulesWord Document with agreement form and shelter rules.
MART Gustav Final
MART Gustav Update
MARTs Geat Bag/Day Bag list
Model Animal Fac Evac Plan
Monroe Training Flyer 06-2009
OEP Parish Contact List
Parish Pickup Point SOP Aug 07Protocols, Forms, Equipment List, Details for Parish Pick Up Point Operations
Pet Evacuation FAQAugust 27, 2006 PDF
Pets ActPDF file
Pets Act04-21-2009
Red Cross Emergency Shelter CheckpointsRed Cross Emergency Shelter Checkpoints
Resource Survey
Ribbon Cutting
Service Animals in Places of Business04-21-2009
Summit Flyer 2009Docx file
Summit Notes Master04-21-2009
Summit Presentation 2009 Friday04-21-2009
Summit Registration 2009PDF file
Summit Schedule 2009PDF file
TLAER 11-2009TLAER in Minden November 2009
TLAER Course Description
TLAER Operational Syllabus
TLAER Registration 2008PDF file
TLAER Registration with CC
Transport Excercise PR 9/8/06PDF official LDAF approved PR